I am a 59 year old male that got out of the shower one day and looked in the mirror ....whew.  Some how over the past 2 years I had gained 40 pounds.  I have been a professional dieter most of my life and wanted to get on a program that wasn't a diet but a change in my eating lifestyle.  I researched weight watchers, but I didn't want to go to the meetings, soooo I signed up for  weight watchers online.  I have been melting pounds and inches ever since.  Thanks to the online message boards I have been able to stay close to the program.  I have listed here some of the favorite websites  from those message boards.  Many have e-mailed me to say that they are following some of the diets several links posted here and doing great.  Thanks to all who have contributed.  Shorty3374 :-)

Calculating Food Points



Note: Many of the sites have been taken off because they have been shut down by Weight Watchers
for posting helpful material that is patent by Weight Watchers.  Any sites that you may have that
can be posted will be if you email them to me.


Aimee's Adventure Fast Food Facts Produce Pete
All Recipes Fast Food Page Recipe America
Awesome Brands for WW Fat Calories Recipe Zaar
A New Life Fat Free RecipeStonyfieldFarm
Angle WW Receipes Fat Free Food Reynolds Kitchens
Back Of The Box Recipes Fit Day Roni's Weight Watchen
Bakers Breakfast Cookies Food Fit Sandyland
Betty Crocker's Homepage Food/Restrau list PDA Sara Lee Deli
CJ Plan FreeWeightLossResc. Schwans Online
Calorie Counter Chart Getting 2 Goal Simply Sea Food
Coming Soon Glenny's Natural Some Favorite Recipes
Calories Per Hour Healthy Discovery Southern Cooking
Candy Bars Information Health Smart Foods  Sneaky Kitchen Recipes
Change to Low Fat Cooking Healthy Juicing  Skinny Cow
Chocolate Recipes Coming Soon Splenda
Christian Weight Watchers Home of Skinny Cow StrongWomenRecipes
Coming Soon Hydra Coach The Baker
Continental Mills Coming Soon The Pointers
Cooking Coming Soon Top Secret Recipes
Coming Soon Coming Soon Trader Joes
Cooking Light All Recipes Coming Soon TV Food 
Copy Cat Recipes Kettle Foods UnpluggedCookout
Copy Kat Creations Kraft Foods Walden Farms
Coming Soon Coming Soon Wanna Get Fed Up? 
Country Cook Le Petit French Bread Weight Loss Diet Zone
Crock Pot Recipes Lemon Drink  Weight Loss Help
Diet Spotlight  Low Cal Diner Weight Watchers Recipes
Delicious Low Point Recipes Mad's Recipes WW Journal to Success
Desserts  -  Homemade
          Ice Cream
Meals For You Weird Diets  
Desserts of NickADuck My Home Wendie's In A Nutshell
Diet tips  My Wellness Depot  Whole Foods
Extra Pounds   Natural Ovens WW Journal/Calculator
Fabulous Foods Nutri Base Restaurants WW Community Board
Fast Weight Loss  Nutri-Facts WWPalm Restaurants
Food Center    Palm List WW Patent
Health Smart Foods  Pita Chips Wikiweightwatchers 
Gina'a WW Recipes Pizza Free WWPalm List Database
Hungry Girl   Pizza Parlor Virtual WW Excel Journal
100 Favorite Recipes Produce My Favorite Recipes


If you have a favorite website you would like to share please Email me.